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Quantum offers the solutions to create custom AI securely and deploy them just in time.


To be a pioneer in harmonizing creativity and technology, unlocking endless possibilities for all.


Empowering every enterprise with accessible AI solutions for transformative outcomes, shaping a future of innovation.

Our Services

Quantum specializes in AI solutions, with a particular focus on Generative AI and custom LLMs.

Data Analysis

A viable alternative to traditional Business Intelligence tools, providing comprehensive insights with advanced analytics.

Speech & Audio

Employs Speech API and Audio Intelligence for transcription in over 30 languages.

Computer Vision

Specializing in face recognition, object detection, and OCR applications for diverse industry needs.

Document Q&A

Offers searching, summarizing, analyzing, & comparison capabilities for any kind of files.

Custom Agent

Integrate with your app to automate responses and actions, enhancing efficiency.

LLMs Chatbot

Ensures secure and private on-premises chat for enterprise-grade communication.

AI-Powered IoT Project

What’s makes AI become essentials for IoT?

Data Processing:

AI helps IoT devices process data efficiently.

Predictive Maintenance:

AI predicts equipment failures, reducing downtime.

Decision Making:

AI provides insights for faster, informed decisions.

Autonomous Operation:

AI enables devices to operate autonomously.


AI enhances IoT security by detecting threats.

Our Portofolio

Our diverse portfolio showcases innovative AI solutions tailored to meet a range of business needs.

Ganita 1.0

Boosting IKEA's soft toy manufacturing productivity and reducing errors.

Roda 1.0

Empowering safe driving with AI for zero accidents, leveraging Intel NUC device.


Creating quizzes from various sources, including text and documents.

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